It’s Official – I am MR V♛ USA

This just in… The announcement of the official list of candidates in the Mr. Virtual World 2015 Candidates

Here are the official countries of the Misters

MR V♛ ARGENTINA Alsedel Llewellyn
MR V♛ BRAZIL Rodrigo Colt
MR V♛ CANADA Barney Helendale
MR V♛ ECUADOR Vin Gabbana
MR V♛ FRANCE MathieuL Bravin
MR V♛ GERMANY RedHawk Chronowire
MR V♛ INDIA ElliotKhan Resident
MR V♛ ITALY Renato Arnica
MR V♛ MOROCCO Vin Cinquetti
MR V♛ SCOTLAND Cubito Smit
MR V♛ SPAIN Caesar Langer
MR V♛ U.A.E Teladis Resident
MR V♛ USA Hethwen Collinwood


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