Dreams & Determination

After waking up at 3:30 in the morning I knocked out 2 photoshoots for my sponsors. After another 6 hours of meetings, editing, styling, and social media I took a well earned rest. For me, Mister Virtual World has shown me that my desire and determination to earn this years title is a lot more work than I had first thought. I enjoy the Art of modeling, styling and competition but for those who have no idea of the time it takes to make all this happen – you have no idea.

I had 4 men contact me today asking about how they could prepare to be in next years competition for Mr Virtual World 2016. I gave each of them the same response. “Do your homework. Prepare yourself. LEARN your craft. Expect to be isolated for hours every day working on the most intricate details of your styles. Practice. Practice more. Do not log out, practice more.” What amazed me is to listen to the reactions of the men I mentor to and hear “I thought you just got some nice clothing and walked down a runway”. — FOUR (4) years people, four years… I have worked in the shadows, learning, preparing and praying for my chance to even get into this pageant. I have over 35 years of pageant experience in real life and trust me when I say this… Mr. Virtual World is not easy to win. It requires countless hours (and that is the easy part). Your focus and attention must be on point at all time.You must eliminate the words – quit, tired, exhausted, and can’t from your vocabulary. You must also set your goal(s) and focus them into a laser beam. Once you have done all of this and if you are blessed to win… that is not the end. It is the beginning of the rest of your year.

Competing in Mr. Virtual World, for me, is like boot-camp. It prepares you for a year of hard work ahead because your victory is an honor and you then have responsibilities to promote the Miss and Mr. Virtual World Organization from the moment the announcement comes that you have won. You should never approach this work as an obligation, rather, it should be seen as a honor and respect that you are able to carry a legacy to the SL world and present it to everyone humility, dignity and honor.

It is difficult to try and tell any one person in a 10 minute discussion what you have learned in 4 years of working in modeling and pageants in Second Life. So I am posting this to give some of the most basic elements and tips to those men who wish to become Mr. Virtual World in the future.

If you are seriously considering pageants and modeling, I encourage you to read and re-read this post. Start with a well known and established modeling school. Enroll and prepare for hard work and a lot of fun. I do teach a 14 week modeling program and I often do FREE public workshops in a wide variety of modeling subjects. Right now the ONLY school or academy that I will suggest you enroll in is the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy. Men, please do not let the name fool you. The Miss virtual World Modeling Academy is not just for the ladies.


You will not find better teachers or a better syllabus offered anywhere. Many people have asked me about the Metaverse Modeling Academy, I will say that I am sad to close that chapter of my SL but in January 2015 the Academy, Magazine, and Pageants within the Metaverse family were sold to the Barnsworth Group who will take it over in June of 2015 when my last classes have graduated. My goals include working with the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy (if they will have me) once the 2015 Mr. Virtual World Pageant is complete. Whether I am teaching for the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy or not, I still want to encourage you to attend this school. You will not be disappointed.

Dream, set your goals and LIVE. Along your journey do not lose sight of your ability to enjoy your experience. Having fun is why most of us come to Second Life. Becoming Mr. Virtual World or holding any title is an additional aspect that adds a thrill to your SL experience… just remember to enjoy the experience and stay true to yourself. Change your hair, change your shape, change your clothing (at least 10 times a day ) but never compromise your ethics. When others try to put your back against a wall and force you to compromise your ethics, DON’T. Be strong, hold your dream and stay determined. In the end you will be proud of your accomplishments.

For more information on how to enroll in the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy please contact Reign Congerjo in world by notecard.


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