Hethwen Collinwood – MR V♛ USA 2015

Being a business owner, designer, model, blogger and modeling teacher in Second Life is exciting and is often demanding on my schedule. Whether I am teaching a classroom of modeling students or leading an executive board meeting for one of my companies, I know it is important to look my best by styling right. My love of fashion in real life and SL always express the elements of the things that I hold near to my heart. In real life I enjoy the passion of the game and the thrill of competition.

This challenge offers me the opportunity to showcase my love of styling and feature some of my favorite SL Designers who articulate amazing combinations of men’s Sportswear. Using actual elements of uniforms and combing them with fashionable street clothing that always keep me looking fresh, these champion designers hit the high scores every time.

Baseball, wrestling, long distance running, and cricket are among my most loved sports. For this challenge we were instructed; “Without wearing too many elements from the actual sport uniform, we want your outfit to show a clear representation of the sport game of your choice, and your choices of edgy every day clothes”. With this in mind I am thrilled to offer you what I feel is the perfect blend of style for this theme. While constructing the elements of this challenge I envisioned myself leaving the Mr. Virtual World Sports Center locker room just after winning a game. This style must look fresh as I might be met for interviews, decide to grab a quick bite to eat, or go out to dance at my favorite club.


For this challenge I have styled a mix and match of the following designers;

[VALE KOER] – Just Plain Cap (custom combo from hud)
Mr. C – Wild Black Hair
ACTION – 04 Veganic [Crow] Hairbase
Poetic Colors – Pearl Columbia Eyes
Kapone – Black Metal Dimpled Sunglasses
MESHCENTER – Gregory (Bordeaux Men’s Cricket Sweater)
MESHCENTER – Gregory (Men’s Dress Shirt)
SLINK – AvEnhance Custom Hands (Relaxed with Buff Nail)
[VALE KOER] – R-66Y – Watch
[VALE KORE] – VK-Future Shorts (Black2 with leggings)
EGOISME – Evaine – Davide Skin
Heth Haute Couture – Surge Wrestling Boots (Bordeaux)
Heth Haute Couture – Championship Ring
Photography – Wren Noir

Being a powerhouse in the boardroom is vital, and being a team player on the field is a must. Bringing my love for sports and fashion and combining the two is an art form unto itself. To quote a true American hero I will leave you with this thought; “Victory is fleeting. Losing is forever”. – Billie Jean King

Thank you so much for your considerations.

Affably Yours,

Hethwen Collinwood – MR V♛ USA 2015


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