Mr Virtual World – Photo Challenge 2 – Marketing (Charity Campaign)

Mr Virtual World 2015 – Photo Challenge #2 – Marketing (Charity Campaign)
Hetwhen Collinwood – MR V♛ USA 2015



I have worked with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund – UNICEF for several years. I choose this charity for my campaign in Mr. Virtual World as there is no greater work than that which we invest into the lives of children.

Working as the Director of Outreach Ministries for my church while living in Atlanta, Georgia led me to two years of missionary work with UNICEF after receiving a nomination and appointment from Carol Bellamy – UNICEF Executive Director. During that time I was able to travel throughout the world working with UNICEF to provide help in impoverished communities. This was not only in third world countries but also in many communities throughout my own country – the United States. People often ask me why I chose this work. They focus on it being a full time non-paid position and ask me why I would spend my own savings to do this work. I always respond by enlightening others on the daily struggles children face and explain that over 20,000 children under the age of four die each day from the lack of basic needs and disease. I would also encourage them to become involved by asking them; “What would you do if there was a child in front of you crying in pain from hunger, near death from sickness, and what if all you had to do was reach into your pocket and pull out fifty cents to save that child’s life? Emergency care, nutrition, vaccines, and anti-malaria bed nets are delivered every day to the children that could die without them — That’s what your fifty cents a day buys. That’s what I believe every child deserves.

After experiencing the heartbreak of an African child die in my arms who had been abandoned I embraced the mantra “Where you live should not determine whether you live”.  I have worked with UNICEF for many years and will continue to work with UNICEF throughout my life.

Thank you for your considerations.

Affably Yours,

Hethwen Collinwood
MR V♛ USA 2015


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