Waking Into a Dream

Today I took a short nap and when I woke up I signed in to have several IM’s from people. The first one I opened was from my friend Stevie Koray-Zane. re; [14:09] Stevie Koray-Zane (stevie.koray): I am so happy for you! congratulations, an Official Candidate! woo hoo.

INSTANT HEART POUNDING MOMENT. I opened the BOSL group and looked at the notices and found it. THE RESULTS. I opened it and filtered through the names and there it was…



I have the results!! Congratulations to all the Official Candidates of Mr Virtual World 2015.

Please see attached notecard with all the information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate  to contact me.

Let the fun begins !!


I opened the notice and it read;



The following names are now OFFICIAL CANDIDATES TO MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2015!

Alsedel Llewellyn
Barney Helendale
Caesar Langer
Cubito Smit
ElliotKhan Resident
Hethwen Collinwood
MathieuL Bravin
Ramsa Luv
RedHawk Chronowire
Renato Arnica
Rodrigo Colt
Teladis Resident
Vin Cinquetti
Vin Gabbana

Congratulations Misters! You will be invited into the Miss Virtual World Organization shortly. Please be on the look out for the invitation as we will be using this group to communicate with you. Also mark this date on your calendar, 26th April 2015 at 12 noon for the First Official meeting. Attendance is a must! I will be sending a notecard with all the information. Please send me a notecard with 3 choices of countries you want to represent. First come first served basis and also preferences will be given to the country you are living, so state the country where you from. Name the notecard “MR VW 2015 – COUNTRIES CHOICES” (Your name).

Thank you everyone who auditioned and to our panel of judges. If you were not selected this year, we hope you will be back next year!

Reign Conrejo
Miss Virtual World Organization CEO
DiamondGem Destiny
Miss Virtual World Organization COO

WOOT !!! I cannot stop smiling. This has been such a dream of mine for so long. When Silvano Korobase (MR. V♛ AUSTRIA) 2012 and 2nd Runner up to MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 dated we both talked about our love and passion to do modeling, competitions and pageants. We made an agreement in the later part of 2011 that we would help each other if we ever decided to compete in pageants. We decided early on that he would go for the title of Mr. Virtual World in 2012 and that I would go for the title of Mr. Avatar World that same year… and the following year we would swap and try the other pageants. We both did very well in our pageants. I became Mr. USA that year and Silvano Mr. Austria. We also both made Top 5. learning so much as we went along. Our Second Lives both took on demanding schedules in our modeling and business adventures. I decided that my focus would then be on my design business and learning to create fashion in SL. In October 2013 I opened Heth Haute Couture and have worked long hours to learn my craft. Life went a little hectic and so it took me 3 years to follow the demands of my modeling students and friends to enter Mr. Virtual World 2015.

I am thrilled beyond words and so humbled to be in the company of the men selected to be official candidates. I have admired many of them for their contributions, professionalism and the body of their work that makes SL an exciting journey every day of my life. Thank you the judges, Reign, and Diamond.


Mr Virtual World 2015 – The Live Audition

I arrived early to the live audition (first there) to make sure I was able to load into the sim cache and derender everything that I was able to derender. I met Erik Bayn – Mr Virtual World 2013 first. The men started to come into the backstage area and slowly I was able to meet all of them. Some genuinely nice guys. It will be an honor to walk the boards with these men, some I have known for years and some I am just meeting for the first time.

I have worked for the last few days focusing on the styling for todays audition – My feeling was this while I worked; I did not want to go overboard but I did want to get in. So I was stylish but subtle and my posing was very reserved. The theme “Mr. Entrepreneur” was easy for me as I am a business owner, designer, and creator in SL. It is rare you see me in anything but a new suit.

MVW - Live Audtion 4-18-2015 Poster

My ‘Live Audition’ Composite card

Standing backstage while the clock ticked, I then opened the notecard that I had received providing details to the men who had been asked back to the live audition. I have read it 427 times already but want to make sure that I have not missed anything for todays live audition… lol. This is what they sent me for making it into the live audition after sending in my headshot:


DATE – April 18, 2015 (Saturday)
THEME – “Mr. Entrepreneur”

We would like to see the names listed below to walk for the live audition.

Alsedel Llewellyn
Angelus Bunin
Barney Helendale
Caesar Langer
ElliotKhan Resident
Hethwen Collinwood
Jay Summers
Jeroen Rohan
MathieuL Bravin
Nazerith Resident
Owl Braveheart
Ramsa Luv
RedHawk Chronowire
Renato Arnica
Rodrigo Colt
Ron Winterwolf
Teladis Resident
Vin Cinquetti

1. Style an outfit that will impress the judges with the theme “Mr. Entrepreneur” preferably mix and match. We want to see creativity!

2. Please line up in alphabetical order backstage. We will check you for rezzing once you are online

*Try to arrive an hour early if possible, to allow time for your outfit to rezz. We know you worked hard and want the judges to see you.

* We will use DVC’s for communication. If you do not have one, please let me know and I will forward one your way.

3. You will be cued to walk in front. When you see the word ‘GO’ start walking to the front and stop in front of the judges and pose for 40 seconds. You may do as many poses as you like but prepare for at least 4-5 poses. The judges may ask you to hold longer to rezz.

*Please prepare 1 walk, default pose and 4-5 static poses.

5. Once the judges finished evaluating your score, you may return backstage but wait for the word ‘EXIT’ before returning backstage.

6. Once you return backstage please stand off to either side awaiting the finale. We ask that you do not stand around the front of candidates waiting to go onstage.

7. For the finale we will announce, “Please welcome our candidates once again!”
Everyone comes out in a line and spread yourselves out on the runway. (Please don’t push to the front. The judges are watching and will look at everyone with their camera, regardless of where you onstage)

8. When you hear “Thank you candidates,” everyone returns and is free to leave. We will send the results who made it as Official Candidates of MR Virtual World 2015 in the group The BEST OF SL Magazine Readers.

Congratulations again and good luck to everyone!

Reign Congrejo – MVW Organization Owner
Jee  Crazyboi   – MVW Organization CEO
DiamondGem Destiny – MVW Organization COO

So with everything checked multiple times I then just waited for my cue’s and directions. Everything went very smooth for me with no lag, glitches and thank God I did not fall off the runway LOL.

MVW - Live Audtion 4-18-2015_002b

When I was cued onto the runway I walked forward and it became a very surreal experience for me. I was in the moment I have dreamed of for 4 years. I breathed, counted my posing out loud and hit it exactly as I had rehearsed. I was then cued to exit and waited backstage for the finale.

MVW - Live Audtion 4-18-2015_004b

The final walk provided the judges a last look at all the men competing. There were 2 lines of men walking down the runway… left and right sides of the stage. I was first in line on the right side and on cue hit the runway and walked without hesitation, eager to show my stuff and eager for this round to end so that I could learn if I was accepted as an official candidate into Mr Virtual World 2015.

*cue the exit… and WAIT…. 😛

My Journey in Mr. Virtual World 2015 Begins

A few weeks ago I submitted my headshot to participate in Mr. Virtual World 2015. On April 16th, 2015 I learned that I was accepted into the live auditions. I just finished walking in the live auditions after staying up for 2 days styling and pose checking to prepare for the live audition. I decided that it would be wonderful to make a blog detailing my journey into this new adventure in my Second Life. Here is the headshot that I submitted to get into the live audition.

MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2015 - Hethwen